Stephen H. King – Awesome Writer!

Stephen King, no, not THE Stephen King but The Other Stephen King is an awesome writer and an inspiration to those who know him. He has achieved many things in life with getting his doctorate and becoming a published author being his most recent and in my opinion best achievements.

His book series Return of the Gods, is an engaging and fun read, not to mention tossing in a little mythology for the fun of it. I never knew how charcoal was made or so much about magic or a myriad of other side topics that are threaded expertly through the series.

His family is a definite inspiration for his characters and for anyone who knows them can see it shine in his writing which makes it all the more engaging. He is a fantastic friend and inspiration to those who know him and a fantastic author because of the research he’s done into his topics that are included.  His humor and the snarkiness of the character’s personalities just makes me chuckle.

When you read these books if you don’t know Stephen you will by the time you’re done….


I’m a geek

I’m a Geek! I love that I’m geeky and can solve a number of computer based issues for my co-workers and family. I love teaching my kids geeky things. Right now my daughter who loves to draw is learning the art of playing with GIMP and how much fun geeky art can be. I fully believe that it is important to be a geek of something. I am not just a computer geek however, I am a geek in sewing, in pattern drafting, especially for dolls and miniatures. I love photography but I am more a nerd there as I don’t like to share much of what I shoot only the really good stuff. I am a file geek too. As a clerk I work with computer files and paper files. I like to think I’m good at it as well. If you’re going to geek out on something it might as well be something you enjoy! What are you a geek of?

The File Gremlin

My office has a File Gremlin. We’re all convinced of it. Whenever we go looking for a file it’s never where we expect it. We use the standard OUT cards and those who take files out of the drawer are diligent about putting one in place of the file. What I can’t understand is that every file taken out of the drawer is out to ME! So I am now completely convinced the File Gremlin is my Evil Twin also named Sue.

The next question is how do we catch it? Does anyone have a good gremlin trap?

Wow! That is fast!

My usual is to write posts on the big screen using the main pc but I decided to try out the reinstalled version of WordPress for my Android tablet. On the pc its sloow loading WordPress but the tablet is very snappy! The downsides to the tablet is the touchscreen keyboard and the fact that I am looking down far more than I should! An interesting experiment and since I’m in the system I figured I’d write about it!

Building A Business In Your Spare Time

A small business can be built both on a shoestring budget and with very little time. You can find time to do a multitude of things such as brainstorm marketing ideas, topics for blog posts, new products or services while waiting in line at a grocery store or sitting on a bus stuck in traffic. If you have a mobile device such as an Apple iPad 3 or Kindle you can use an app to record your notes. Even your phone has a simple text program or you can text yourself ideas, use the phone as a voice recorder or carry a Voice Recorder! A simple pen and pad of paper does the trick too.

Once you realize the small moments you can leverage and start collecting your notes carve out a lunch hour or a break to sit and gather them all together in one place. Decide on which ones can be done while on the go. If you have a constant, net connection and can write e-mail to clients or post to forums then go for it! There are apps that you can write documents that are more complex; then flesh out your ideas when you are home you can start implementing. Use your on the go time wisely to plan larger projects breaking it down into bite sized steps and set goals and deadlines for the steps. Calendar in tasks in small holes in your schedule and over time you will find you have a great business started!

 One of my favorite tools on the tablet is a mind mapper. I can take disjointed thoughts and just jot them down for later. This allows me to capture ideas and then flesh them out when I have more time or a more powerful system. As you can see there are many ways to capture ideas for a business. The next step is just that… taking the next steps to implement your ideas. Give each task a due date and find a friend who believes in you and will keep you motivated! Eventually, if you are determined and have the support you will have a successful business. Don’t forget a good business plan too…. the road map of businesses!