Remember that time Rose, as Bad Wolf, opened up the heart of the TARDIS, and the golden steam stuff flowed everywhere and she destroyed the Dalek fleet, and then the Doctor regenerated and became a funny Scottish guy for a couple of seasons? Using this mug is kind of like that. Only, without Rose. Or the Doctor. Or the Daleks. (But we have a mug for that, too!) And steam doesn’t usually glow in the dark…

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Element of Surprise T-Shirt – Black, 2XL

A new element is being added to the periodic table after its discovery was confirmed by a team of Russian and American scientists. The element, named Surprise, appears to point the way to still more elements with chemical properties no one can predict. The team, based outside of Dimitrovgrad, Russia, produced the element by smashing together isotopes of thorium, a natural radioactive chemical element, with a bologna sandwich…

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Non T-Shirt – Black, 2XL

Our lawyers told us we had to add a disclaimer to this shirt’s page. So here we go: The text of this shirt is not intended to encourage the wearer of this shirt or its readers to set things on fire…

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3D Unicorn Mug by ThinkGeek

It’s no secret that those of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ are, for the most part, not morning people. Some of our more recent acquisitions are, but generally if you catch an employee before 8 a.m., we’re not likely to respond positively. Heck, if you schedule a same-day meeting before 10 a.m., some of us won’t know about it until after we’ve missed it…

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TriForce Charm Bead – w/Silver Bracelet 7.5″ by ThinkGeek

To purchase a silver bracelet with this bead, click here. To purchase a leather bracelet with this bead, click here. To see all our charm beads, click here. You can try to live every day like Link, but you’re probably going to be disappointed. There are rarely any jewels hiding in the grass outside your office, and no matter how hard you try, you can only have one heart’s full of life at a time… Brought to you by ThinkGeek.

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