Wow! That is fast!

My usual is to write posts on the big screen using the main pc but I decided to try out the reinstalled version of WordPress for my Android tablet. On the pc its sloow loading WordPress but the tablet is very snappy! The downsides to the tablet is the touchscreen keyboard and the fact that I am looking down far more than I should! An interesting experiment and since I’m in the system I figured I’d write about it!

I commute….

I commute on public transportation, therefore I am well rested — Commuter Bag

I commute by public transportation, in my case the Valley Mover Bus which is our local system that does long distance transit. I take the bus daily which saves wear on the car, gas, lowers my insurance bill and reduces the risk of ending up in a accident especially on bad winter roads and heavy rush hour traffic. The photo on the item is a local back road of the Mat-Su Valley of Alaska taken at sunset in the late summer!
Some of my other reasons for taking the bus are the social aspects. People love to just chat about various things. If there happens to be something news worthy most people have some sort of mobile device and the news of the day becomes the topic. A few weeks back there was a winter time fire about a mile from my house and the topic was where to go to get the latest information on the roads in the area. Many times the weather or traffic reports are handy and are relayed to the bus driver who can then warn later buses about delays. Sometimes it has even helped the driver take an alternate route and stay nearly on time despite the traffic. Another benefit is napping. Taking a nap before or after work just helps you stay low stress and feel refreshed for your day or evening ahead!
So I commute by public transportation, therefore I am well rested!
I commute on public transportation, therefore I am Commuter Bag


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Rickshaw Commuter Laptop Bag

Upgrade your daily commute with a customized Rickshaw laptop bag! Made in San Francisco with a focus on sustainability and durability, this laptop bag stands up to daily wear ‘n tear and stand out with your customized designs, text, and photos printed on the front flap. Made with a pocket or compartment for everything from a 15” laptop to a journal, this laptop bag will make it easy to take it all with you each day.

  • Water resistant, extra durable construction.
  • Holds up to 15″ laptop (sleeve included).
  • 2 large front pockets and rear organizational pocket.
  • Magnetic silencers, Velcro, and clip flap fasteners.
  • Made with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dimensions 11″ H x 15.75″ W x 4.75″ D.
$191.20 per bag
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Building A Business In Your Spare Time

A small business can be built both on a shoestring budget and with very little time. You can find time to do a multitude of things such as brainstorm marketing ideas, topics for blog posts, new products or services while waiting in line at a grocery store or sitting on a bus stuck in traffic. If you have a mobile device such as an Apple iPad 3 or Kindle you can use an app to record your notes. Even your phone has a simple text program or you can text yourself ideas, use the phone as a voice recorder or carry a Voice Recorder! A simple pen and pad of paper does the trick too.

Once you realize the small moments you can leverage and start collecting your notes carve out a lunch hour or a break to sit and gather them all together in one place. Decide on which ones can be done while on the go. If you have a constant, net connection and can write e-mail to clients or post to forums then go for it! There are apps that you can write documents that are more complex; then flesh out your ideas when you are home you can start implementing. Use your on the go time wisely to plan larger projects breaking it down into bite sized steps and set goals and deadlines for the steps. Calendar in tasks in small holes in your schedule and over time you will find you have a great business started!

 One of my favorite tools on the tablet is a mind mapper. I can take disjointed thoughts and just jot them down for later. This allows me to capture ideas and then flesh them out when I have more time or a more powerful system. As you can see there are many ways to capture ideas for a business. The next step is just that… taking the next steps to implement your ideas. Give each task a due date and find a friend who believes in you and will keep you motivated! Eventually, if you are determined and have the support you will have a successful business. Don’t forget a good business plan too…. the road map of businesses!

Unstuffing Overstuffed File Drawers

I have approximately 1000 files to get things into or add to the collection of files. Several of them take up a whole drawer by themselves and are several years old but because they are active files I can’t just send them to storage or archiving and so we have 10+ years of “stuff” from each agency. One such provider file is a whole drawer by itself. Recently there have been discussions on how to cram more into the cabinets we have since there’s no more space for more cabinets! The brilliant brainstorm I came up with is to take that old historic data and put it into 3 ring binders on top of the cabinets and only keep the most current in the drawer. For several of the largest files that will free 2/3 to 3/4 of a drawer leaving space for more providers and future expansion. I can think of at least 3 files that are that large!

It will be a lot of work but in the long run we will have the space so desperately needed for more files!


This original idea didn’t happen because the division decided that it was OK to box up the old stuff and send it to off site storage! For the last 6 months we’ve been converting files to a new Blue Folder system that has a current, complete application in it and the older stuff is starting to be boxed for moving out! One way or another the older paperwork that is not needed for daily work will leave the cabinets. Most exciting is to finally get ALL the files in alphabetical order as the movers in 2009 could not alphabetize to save their lives!

Humble Bundle

Mojang the creators of MineCraft occasionally host a Humble Bundle offer where the teams from 3 indie developers take a long weekend and each develop a game with the cost being a donation and the proceeds going to charities. The coolest thing is that they do a LIVE feed of each team AS they are developing each game so you get to see not only the game take shape but even some of the behind the scenes work on the code. Keep an eye on the site for future events. The finished games are pretty cool for short development turn around times!