HeMan Masters of the Universe Panthor

Watch your back, Battle Cat, there’s a new kitty in town! This one, however, stands squarely on the side of evil, ready to carry master Skeletor into combat at a moments notice. Beautifully detailed and fully articulated, this fierce feline is fortified with an all new Classic Style battle helmet, ensuring the good guys aren’t the only ones with well protected rides.Panthor BioReal Name Panthor During his exile from Eternos Palace, Keldor saved a young dylinx cub from a hunters pit in the Corridors of Lithos. The cub remained fiercely loyal to Keldor, who named him Panthor after a tribal story his Gar mother told him as a child. The purple skinned feline remained with Keldor even after he was transformed into the Evil Lord of Destruction by Hordaks magic. Finding a new home in Snake Mountain, Panthor is forever at his masters side carrying him into battle or curled up at the foot of Skeletor’s throne, loyally growling at any who disagree with the Overlord of Evil. Club Eternia Monthly Figure

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