Geek Speak Magic Ball Novelty Gag Gift

Geek Speak Magic Ball Novelty Gag Gift (Toy)

The interpipes are leaking! Do you have a burning question on your mind? Then, submit your query to the Geek Ball. This fortune telling ball works just like a Magic 8 Ball: simply ask your yes or no question, gently shake the ball, and one of 20 answers will magically appear in the viewing window. The result is something only a true geek will understand! Get trolled with the Geek Ball.


  • Black
  • Plastic
  • 3.75″ diameter

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The Better-Answer Ball Update your answers for today’s better questions with the Geek Ball, a 21st C. version of the Octo-Ball but with (20) PC, IM and gamer-related answers, including FAIL, WIN, meh, 404 error, LOL, PWND, ? and even better ones. O RLY? Yes. RLY. Can you has this? Yes, you CAN HAS if you has a lousy (8) bucks.

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