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Geek is My Other Name Note BookAll I’d need is a nickel for each time I’ve been asked a techie question at work. “How do I…..?” or “Can you fix…..?” are among the more common questions asked each day. Sometimes I can explain how I know something and other times it’s pure dumb luck that I’ve run into something close and know how to do it whatever “it” might be! Some days I am fixing networked printers and other days I’m troubleshooting software and formatting issues or even Windows proper. It depends on my day as to what I’m asked to fix.
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It’s Not Failure If You Do It Later….

Here’s a lovely planner with a wonderful saying by good friend and author Stephen H. King. I met Stephen years ago online, met him in person and became long term friends with him over time. Eventually he was my friend, college professor, dean and now author of several great fantasy novels. If you like to plan things this is for you. If you forget to do things and delay tasks you did not fail you just need to rethink your plan!
It's not failure if you do it later...
It’s not failure if you do it later… by BooksMusicMore
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Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Reflector – Telescope – f/4.0 – reflector

This was the telescope we settled on as a beginner scope for my 10 yr old who had saved up to buy one. He LOVES it!

It’s an easy enough telescope to setup and use even for a young aspiring astronomer! As a family we’ve seen mars and gotten a closer look at the moon. At some point we’ll pack it into the car and go further out of town to see other stars and planets!

Geeks will Rule the World

Geeks will Rule the World Note BookHere’s a great idea… list all the ways that Geeks Will Rule the World! In the 21st Century you should know how to type, use a mouse and navigate some form of computer. You just have to! To fill out some forms, to gather information on a topic. Libraries no longer carry nor can keep up with the flood of information that is presented to people daily, especially small libraries. Sad.
There are so many ways to keep up with information especially using the internet. There is social media, new sites, blogs and RSS feeds. So yeah we geeks will rule unless everyone keeps up.
I do have to mention there are many, many types of geeks from Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars geeks to sewing, car and gardening geeks. All of which are super specialists in their chosen topics! 
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I’m a Geek! I love that I’m geeky and can solve a number of computer based issues for my co-workers and family. I love teaching my kids geeky things. Right now my daughter who loves to draw is learning the art of playing with GIMP and how much fun geeky art can be. I fully believe that it is important to be a geek of something. I am not just a computer geek however, I am a geek in sewing, in pattern drafting, especially for dolls and miniatures. I love photography but I am more a nerd there as I don’t like to share much of what I shoot only the really good stuff. I am a file geek too. As a clerk I work with computer files and paper files. I like to think I’m good at it as well. If you’re going to geek out on something it might as well be something you enjoy! What are you a geek of?
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Geeks will Rule the World Postcard
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