10 Reasons to Ride the Bus

I LOVE my Mustang! I really love driving it but I do NOT like the long commute to the city with the traffic, bad drivers, winter driving conditions that are scary and all the stress that goes with it. Here are my top 10 reasons to ride a bus.

  1. When inspiration strikes you have the freedom to act on it or at least write down the idea
  2. Taking a nap. Get some extra sleep!
  3. Social interaction with other riders. This can be highly entertaining and informative some days depending on the variety of topics discussed.
  4. Save some money. The cost of gas, maintenance and the stress on your body is worth the pittance it costs to buy a pass and relax.
  5. Reduce stress….nap, chat, text, talk on the phone, or even play a game or do something productive on a phone, tablet, e-reader or laptop!
  6. You are also less likely to be in an accident and stressed at the end of your trip. Let the bus driver do the driving and worry about the other people on the road!
  7. The more people on the bus the fewer cars there are on the road. If everyone drives in solo there are way more cars on the road than need to be. Ride a bus with 38 other people and that is 39 cars that are NOT on the road stuck in traffic, polluting the air!
  8. Enjoy the ride. There are many things to see just looking out the window. For Alaskans it is the spring ritual of moose counting or watching the trees go from winter to summer to fall and back to winter colors.
  9. Count the number of times someone passes the bus or how many times the cars around you are cut off by other drivers

10. Safely rubberneck past accidents! Accidents generally start conversations on the bus too theorizing what the driver did wrong.

Overall there are plenty of great reasons to sit back, relax, de-stress and save money riding on public transportation.

On a side note the inspiration for this post came while riding the bus and as I was walking down the street on the way to work!