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So the wonderful dryer that came with the house started making so much racket we couldn’t take it… it also got a nasty burning smell which prompted immediate shut down too.

After several hours of researching what the problem might be we tore the dryer apart and went looking inside it. A simple fan wheel had almost completely broken in half. A bit more research on where we could get the part brought us to Appliance Zone where we easily found the part needed and placed the order.

For a week laundry went outside n a very small rack meant for delicates while we patiently waited for the part. By Friday, we had the part in hand and after a bit of grumbling but no swearing amazingly, the old part was off and the new one installed.

For those who are actually trying to find a good how to put the part on… our trick was some spray silicone but WD-40 or even cooking oil will do the trick since the part is stubborn to put in.

Happily, the part arrived quickly, when I did have to talk with the fabulous LIVE Chat customer service to check on the order they were courteous, available after 6PM Alaska time, and able to give me a tracking number for the package.

When someone give AWESOME service I try to give back by being a repeat customer, telling people or writing about it. In this case it’s very likely I’ll be doing all three!

Thanks Appliance Zone!

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