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Books, Music & More is home to some of the most interesting items that have been purchased over the last few years. It reviews purchases (Amazon among other sites), worthy sites (places to find inspiration for projects for the home), or just has interesting ideas for projects. Favorite games, toys, electronics and places to shop are among the planned topics in the coming days, weeks, & months.

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Math and Science

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I commute….

I commute on public transportation, therefore I am well rested — Commuter Bag I commute by public transportation, in my…

Pet Ice Dragon

See larger image Additional Images: 1 Inch Pet Ice Dragon with Adoption Certificate in Glass Tiny Terrarium (Toy) Conquer All…

I’m a geek

I’m a Geek! I love that I’m geeky and can solve a number of computer based issues for my co-workers…

Academy da Vinci Clock

See larger image Additional Images: Academy da Vinci Clock (Toy) The design of da Vinci’s clock utilizes intricately connected weights…

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